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To discuss your ice sculpture needs personally with Drue or his wife Kathryn (and quality control expert) you may telephone them at (954) 801-5803. You may place the order at that time or make an appointment to discuss your desired designs for ice sculptures. If you place the order in this way, you will receive an invoice by mail, FAX or e-mail. When you receive the invoice, sign it and return it with payment of check or money order.
As soon as you are sure that you want an ice sculpture, it is recommended that you reserve the date (as far in advance as possible) by making a 50% deposit.
The price includes the ice sculpture of your choice and set up of the finished sculpture (the ice is not carved at your event, but delivered in the finished and well-chilled state), ferns and greenery to go around the base of the sculpture. After the event ends, we return to disassemble the ice sculpture display, retrieve our equipment and make sure the water is properly emptied out. There will be a $50 delivery fee depending on event location.
The average sculptures stand approximately four feet from the table surface and are about two feet wide. The design of the sculpture will determine the actual size and the size of the sculpture will determine how slowly it will melt.
We supply a lighted display tray that drains the water into a container under the display table.
The average sculpture will have four to six hours of display time in an air conditioned room.